1996 Van Demiemon Formula “C” SCCA

1997 Van Diemon                                                 Transponder #7416388
Chassis # RS97/2         2365
Engine info
Pinto 2.0l engine
Upgraded crank, connecting rods and pistons
New Elgin cam at last rebuild
New rocker arms at last rebuild
Engine build sheet is included
Rebuilt by Quicksilver
Red line is 7000 practical shift rpm is 6800
Engine should not have any damage till 8000 rpm
Change engine oil every 3 race weekends
If aluminum head is installed you will save 18 lbs no power gain though
Warm engine to 150 degrees before leaving pit lane. Coolant temp only.
don’t worry about oil temp
Rear is upgraded to 99areo control arms
Original control arms are crushed design
Front is original 97 they do make a conversion but unless the car is
crashed no need to change
Uprights are very strong no need to crack check unless crashed
Do need to check nuts from control arm to uprights after every run.
They will loosen
Also check axle bolts every run.
Spring rates are 450 and 800. They never changed them
Shock air pressure is 130 psi. normal Schrader valve and penske gauge
Shocks have been rebuilt 2-3 years ago
There is weight in the nose of car can be changed as needed.
Anti roll bar knob in cockpit is “point to were you want more grip”
Pushrods to set ride height for sebring should be raised 4 flats or one full turn.
you can lower if no scraping the lower th better for grip
Recommend Hoosiers they are standard FC 6 and 8 in
The compound they are running is R35A
When driving the car hard replace tires after 4 heat cycles otherwise
you can get 6 to 9 cycles out of them
It is normal for the front inside tire to wear out before the rest.
That is were you will have the most grip
Set of pads will last 8 to 10 weekends
Calipers are LD-20 and the pads that are on it is SEC 03 compound
01 compound will work well too
Gold knob in cock pit is bias control
Is made of fiberglass
Was originally yellow gel coat
Aluminum floor is .080 thick. Thicker than original to hold better when
bottoming out and curbs
Bottom diffuser is a medium down force unit others can be purchased
Front wing only fit’s the 97. If crashed conversion kits are available
The seat is the original unit
Engine cover is molded together as a one piece unit for ease of removal and
Ring and pinion are 10:31
Apex speed has the gear ratios listed for all the tracks
The diff carrier is aluminum and saves rotational weight from the steel counter
All switches are labeled
AIM dash has all the softwear online to down load
Need to order there beacon so it will log lap times
Module XGLOG
Car wiring harness was replaced with new 2-3 years ago
Cape motorsports ran the car when new they are out of FL
Eric Longbine was the previous tech that took care of the car 202-246-4758
AlainMatrat was the driver and owner 410-353-1206