McLaren 1968 M6B 50-05 – SOLD!

Now offered For Sale:

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McLaren 1968 M6B s/n 50-05 White with Red White and Blue Stripes and Black Interior  (shown above at Amelia Island Invitational Concourse De Elegance)

The M6B is the customer car of the McLaren’s first Can Am Championship winning car. The M6A. of Bruce McLaren and Denny Hulme won the CAN-Am championship in 1967. For 1968, the M6B was made publically available for sale, and approximately fifteen examples were constructed. The M6B is relatively simple, thoroughly developed by team principles, reliable, and very fast. McLaren Can-Am cars were the ones to have during the period from 1967 to 1971. If you wanted to win, you needed a McLaren.

This particular car was first sold to Autodelta, the racing arm of Alfa Romeo to be used as their test car for the T33 project. After Alfa was done with their testing, it was then put in a “barn” to be discovered by the late Charlie Gibson. Charlie bought the car, brought it to America, and proceeded to make it into a STREET car! Can you imagine, 450 HP 1200 pound car? Well, Charlie did.

It was just after Charlie started the “CAN-AM Street car” that vintage racing started to bloom, and the rest is history. Sadly, Charlie passed away from a truck-trailer accident and the car was passed on to Dave Handy. Dave, co-owner of SASCO tire distributorship, now had the ownership of “5005” reputed to be one of only two M6Bs with their original tubs intact.

Dave raced the car, usually finishing first, and decided it was time to restore the McLaren. He undertook a comprehensive restoration which included having the original tub completely re-riveted by an engineer in Indianapolis. All of the rivets were taken out and replaced, as a very laborious task that not only cost a fortune but took over a year. At the same time, Dave had an all-aluminum motor built by Marovicchi and Wenz when they were in Connecticut together. The Dyno sheets show a very powerful flat torque and horsepower curve that is ideal for the current series. The final assembly was done by SASCO’s competition department specialists.

50-05 is powered by an all aluminum 331cid Chevrolet big block with dry sump lubrication, Lucas injection and magneto, and stainless steel headers. The transmission is a Hewland, and the car has been fitted with aluminum radiator and oil cooler. 50-05 looks great, not concours, but very presentable race cosmetics, with graphics and nicely restored wheels. The car’s current livery replicates that which the current owner uses, replicating the red white and blue of his other cars. The overall paint scheme is attractive, with very little issues. The interior is plain and functional, and is equipped with the required safety equipment including fire system, electrical cutoff, and racing harness. An engine heater is supplied to keep the aluminum block and heads warm during cold sessions.

Under the body the entire car is neat and clean. Current mechanicals include an aluminum radiator, original brass comes with the car as well as a few gears and miscellaneous small parts. Half shafts have been upgraded as well as many other components.

50-05 has been raced at Mid Ohio, Road America and Laguna Seca. The current owner has shown 50-05 at the prestigious Amelia Island Concours as well as at the Festivals of Speed venue. It looks GREAT all the time.

50-05 has been very competitive, being one of the fastest small block CA-Am cars out there. In addition it has a wonderful “song” that is different than all of the other Chevrolet V8s, being more like that of a multi cylindered European engine. 50-05 has a clear and known history, essentially 4 owners and has no stories about it chassis number.

In addition to being eligible for all of the race series such as HMSA, SVRA, General Racing, CSRG, and HSR events, it has been accepted at the 2016 Monterey Reunion. It is sold with a log book, without a title, and provenances paper work.

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