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Great Racecar with Great History.  Engine Runs and sounds amazing.  Engine has Dyno time and installed before the car sat pickled since 1987. Car was setup and prepared for 1987 CART Laguna Seca race, but drivers’ funds never showed up. Car was then sold to a group in Ohio, where the car was disassembled and partially assembled over 20 years. The front and rear suspension have been inspected, with the rear getting new paint. Engine has had every cylinder and intake runner boriscoped and inspected. Car has original 36V starter with battery cart. Transaxle has been serviced. New (old stock) brake pads front and rear. Front and Rear Calipers have been rebuilt and pressure tested. Brake Masters and Clutch masters have been rebuilt. Has new battery pack for minimal on-board power needed.  New Fuel Pump Cable, upgraded cable with greased, sealed sheath   Fuel pump has been diassembled, cleaned and reassembled.  Fitted with original Goodyear Rains on wheels now.  Have multiple sources for new and used tires, both rain and dry. With your shops finishing touches the car could be ready to race this season.

Currently has Leguna Seca gear set in car, with road course bodywork. Set to go vintage racing. Many gear sets still available for other tracks and ovals.  Car is currently set up to run Methanol. Fuel controller could be rebuilt and modified to run Race Gas, but Methanol is available commercially. The fuel cell has been cleaned. Includes an installed on-board fire system, needs recharge and new batteries in control unit. Will need new belts

Car comes with both Red/orange/brown road course body and red/white/blue oval course, 7-11 body. This car is currently in non-original livery–the current scheme of red/orange/brown was used in 1983 and 1985 when the team was sponsored by team owner Jim Trueman’s Red Roof Inn chain. In 1984, however, the team ran a white with red and blue scheme, sponsored by 7/11. Changing over to the original livery shouldn’t be too overwhelming, with modern vinyl cutting making reproducing old stickers much easier than several years ago. Some original decals included.

This 1984 March-Cosworth 84C was raced in the 1984 Indy Car season by future champion Bobby Rahal, and was the car he took to the first of his four consecutive wins at Laguna Seca. Originally purchased from Menard Racing after a crash destroyed primary chassis. This chassis was driven by Herm Johnson in the 1984 Indy 500.

Not only was the March 84C designed by Adrian Newey (future F1 Engineer with Williams, McLaren, and now Red Bull), he also was Truesports racing’s Engineer. This unique partnership between chassis builder and team was fruitful for Truesports driver Bobby Rahal, who eventually won both the 1986 Indy 500 and the season championship in a March-Cosworth. The Cosworth DFX engine was a development of the venerable three-liter DFV Formula One powerplant–now turbocharged to produce around 800 horsepower.

The March 84C is a very collected and still vintage raced chassis.  Built in the “Golden-Era” of open wheel racing it’s known for great handling and sound, everyone loves the roar of a V8 coupled with a HUGE turbo the screams at even idle. This would be an extraordinary addition to anyone’s race car or show collection. 


1+ sets of wheels unmounted

1 body red/white/blue 7-11 Oval, minus undertray. Could be installed to current undertray with minimal fabrication.

2 white rear wings, 1 oval, 1 road course

1 spare gear set, unknown track

White Nose box with both road course and oval wings, ready to be installed.

Assortment of front side pod ducts for different tracks and oil cooler/radiator set ups.

Boxes of brake ducts of different size and shapes for what ever brake cooling needs you come to.

Various spare control arm and chassis parts.

Original paint in cans for matching if needed.

Wheel nut socket.

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March 84C Indy Car Ebay Listing