Devin Ryan Special Restoration



After 8 years of active driving of our shops 1957 Devin Ryan Special we decided it was time for a little restoration work.


DSC01785 DSC01787 

First was to remove the engine, transmission and rear end for inspection.

DSC01780 DSC01777

Next came dis-assembly of bodywork to prepare for paint and fender modification.

DSC01809 DSC01795

Freshening Rear Differential

Rear Differential dis-assembly. Installing new bearings and rebuilding limited slip.

DSC02141 DSC02144 DSC02151 DSC02153

Spare Transmission Rebuild

Monterey Historics 2014, had a transmission failure.  Put in our at the time spare transmission in, now we’re rebuilding the new “spare” Super T10 Transmission.

DSC02064 DSC01989 DSC01990

Fresh Paint

Got the car back from paint.  Our paint guy is fixing a few minor issues at our shop while on the lift.

DSC02105 DSC02162 DSC02163 DSC02166 DSC02173

Chassis Modification

With our new bodywork and ride height we are having to relocate the pick up point of the 4-Link.  Quicker and easier to move the frame ear, than to move the individual mount points.

DSC02206 DSC02210 DSC02199

Chassis Strengthen and Impact Protection

While we modified the rear suspension we decided to add chassis strengthening, which doubled as additional side impact protection.

DSC02235 DSC02240 DSC02494

Driveshaft Hoop Modification

The original driveshaft hoop was flat sheet metal material.  By adding round tubing, not only did we add more protection in case of failure, but added more chassis rigidity.

DSC02476 DSC02477 DSC02506 DSC02489