Cavallino Classic 2013

Winters in Minnesota can be a bit long and give a car person some serious cabin fever. It is always nice to be able to head south for a little break from the cold. The weather and cars did not disappoint. We brought a few cars down to display for the weekend. The events that surround the main event are always a great time to catch up with old friends and do what we do best, talk cars. There was a great turn out at the Jet Aviation Reception. Always nice to see the new planes on the market as well as the good food and drinks offered. The yacht hop was also a wonderful time. There are some very luxurious boats being show to any one that wanted to hop on and look around. This year we were not going to have anything being judged in the car show but to our surprise we ended up taking home an award for Participants Choice at the yacht hop. The weekend was a great success for us as well as our customers.