Jaguar at Goodwood 2011


The Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011 includes many of the cars and manufacturers thant have shaped contemporary motor sport features many of ht Jaguar legends – Jaguar cars than have been at the leading edge of major advances and technical innovation in vehicle construction. It’s something that’s more relevant to Jaguar today than ever before.

Goodwood 2011 celebrates Jaguar’s contemporary reinvention of the sports car in the forms of the XKR, with its use of aerospace technology, as well as the XFR and its supercharged power.

Also taking part is the XKR-S, the fastest Jaguar production sports car ever. The Festival showcases Jaguar state-of-the-art style, performance and luxury plus the latest driver-focused technologies – such as the Jaguar Sequential Shift and the revolutionary Touch-screen. Technologies that are designed to empower rather than over-power and to enhance the driver experience.

Goodwood 2011 also features the future of supercars, the C-X75. The most advanced Jaguar car ever, the C-X75 is the ultimate expression of Jaguar design and innovation, pushing the boundaries of technology and sustainability.

Powered by a highly-efficient, high boost engine, the C-X75 is a hybrid and will deliver incredibly low CO2 emissions while still being able to achieve speeds of 200 mph, plus.

From 1st to 3rd July, the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011 is an opportunity to see the latest in Jaguar innovation and technology and your chance to get a glimpse of Jaguar’s exciting future.

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